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Instant Offer takes the stress and uncertainty out of selling your home

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Answer a few simple questions and get an all-cash offer on your home in as few as 48 hours.

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Sell your house as-is, with no additional repairs, prep costs, agent commissions, or fees.

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Sell your home fast with the certainty of a cash offer in as few as 10 days.

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Answer a few simple questions about your home and selling timeline.

Sell your home on your timeline, in as few as 10 days or when you’re ready.

Receive a competitive cash offer, with no hidden fees or agent commission.

Sell confidently with the certainty of an all-cash offer provided by The Darda Group

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If you decide to accept the offer, you choose your move date. Accept your offer and get cash for your home!

Sell your home in as little as 10 days

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Top 10 questions regarding the program


How is the amount of the offer determined?

A competitive market analysis will be done to establish the current fair market value for the home. The offer price will be based on a percentage of market value. To learn more about this process, visit 5 Proven Steps To Selling Your Home.

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Who is purchasing the home?

The Darda Group organizes the home to be purchased through an LLC that is managed personally by Mike Darda. Unlike many other programs throughout the country, this program does not require a third party approval process.


Can I sell as-is without doing repairs?

Yes! Nearly all homes purchased through the Instant Offer Program purchased in as-is condition with no repairs..

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When can I get my cash... When do I move?

The selling process can be completed in as early as 2 weeks. The date you move can be flexible and is determined on a case-by-case basis.


What are the fees I am paying?

The home is bought at fair market value minus 6% commission and a program fee. If maximizing your net proceeds is the most important goal of your sale, consider utilizing our other program offers.

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Do I have to show my home to buyers?

No! The only people that view the property is the real estate agent that assists with the sale, and a home inspector.


This sounds too good to be true! Why would you offer this program?

There is no catch! We offer this program to make the selling process simple, and give you control over how and when your home is sold.

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What makes this program different than others?

The Instant Offer Program is a program operated by the Darda Group. This means that there is no additional approval required from a large corporation, saving you valuable time and money.


Does my home qualify for the program?

To streamline the approval process, only single family homes located within the city limits, built after 1965, fully permitted, and have a flood a current value of no greater than $500,000. The home may not already be listed with a real estate broker.

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How do I get an offer?

Simply contact our office and schedule an appointment for us to preview the home. After it is determined if your home qualifies for the program, an offer may be provided within 2 business days. Our direct line is (239)-542-2822.

Additional Information and Restrictions

• The buyer is a licensed real estate broker or agent in the state of Florida.

• All offers are subject to buyer's approval of inspections.

• There is potentially more profit by selling the home utilizing traditional methods.

• Homes may be resold within a short period of time of the closing.

• The contract for purchasing may be assigned to a third party.

• The buyer reserves the right to decide not to make an offer to purchase the home.

• Additional restrictions apply, program details are subject to change.

• This is not intended to be a solicitation if your home is already listed for sale.


If you’re looking to sell your home fast and skip the showing process, we are happy to work with you and your agent to find the best solution that meets your needs.

No. You’ll have the flexibility to pick a move date that works for your schedule up to 30 days of closing.

No. Requesting an offer from The Darda Group is completely FREE.

No, you are not obligated to accept any Simple Sale offer you receive.